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2) Student Gaidar 2022
This year, the traditional annual student conference was held at the RANEPA for the 4th
time.As always, the most current topics were discussed at the forum, first of all
economic and political issues related to the future of Russian business and business
90 speakers from business schools and about 30 experts contributed to the conference
as moderators and guest speakers. Student Gaidar is a unique public event in the field of
business education for students, which forms not only professional competencies, but
also live public speaking skills and the experience of belonging to a team of famous
The innovative format of the forum, the breadth of its thematic coverage makes the event
unique in terms of its significance both for the youth and academia.
The Student Gaidar conference will continue to be a prominent event on the academy's
calendar of events - through alumni, guest speakers and experts from companies and
universities, it adds recognition to the main brand of RANEPA - the Gaidar Forum.
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3) Ссылка на новость на русском сайте
monterre.html оттуда можно взять фото

The next BSIEM module took place from May 16 th to May 20 th 2022. The module
was organized by the University of Monterrey (Mexico).
BSIEM is an international project in the field of social responsibility and sustainable
It was developed as part of the UN PRME (Principles for Responsible Management
Education) initiative, which advocates responsible management education. The project at
RANEPA is being implemented by the Institute of Business Studies (IBS). Our project
partners this year are Universidad de Colombia School of Management (Colombia),
ISAE - Brazilian Business School (Brazil), SPJIMR-Bharatiya Vidaya Bhavan (India)
and University of Monterrey (Mexico).
The module aims to develop knowledge, skills and relationships necessary for creating
business models with positive societal impact. The module program includes lectures
delivered by Mexican business practitioners as well as social entrepreneurship
professionals, effective and interactive online communication, and self-guided group

During online sessions, teams from Russia, Colombia, Mexico, India and Brazil
presented their projects, that reflect the best practice of companies in the field of social
entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. All teams demonstrated a deep
awareness of the project issues and an excellent level of preparation and team-work.
Elizaveta Makeeva, a student of IBS RANEPA, shares her impressions: “Each module of
the BSIEM project opens up new and sometimes unexpected facets of the topic of social
entrepreneurship and sustainable development. This module was no exception. Thanks to
the speakers, we were able to learn more about the business models of social
entrepreneurship and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on this area.”
Companies and organizations from various industries and countries were discussed and
studied at the sessions. The teams talked about the Indian communication and
information technology company Haqdarshak, the cosmetics company Lush, the
American company for the processing of organic waste TerraCycle, the Mexican
premium real-estate company Casai, the Colombian initiative Choco to Dance, and the
Colombian non-profit foundation Ashoka. All these companies have experience in
implementing sustainable development goals and basic principles of corporate social
responsibility in their activities. The general conclusion was that the global business
community is becoming more socially oriented and is developing a global mindset.
Alena Sviridenko, a student of the IBS RANEPA speaks about her impressions of the
last module: “At the spring BSIEM module, lecturers from the University of Monterrey,
Mexico (Universidad de Monterrey, UDEM) highlighted issues related to digital
transformations and business models in social entrepreneurship, the topic of social
innovation and the role of indigenous peoples in socially oriented business. In addition to
the professional part, representatives of different countries and cultures also shared their
knowledge and experience on the topic of social entrepreneurship. A week with BSIEM
provided a unique opportunity not only for expanding my knowledge, but also got
meeting interesting speakers and participants!”.

4) Вот новость на русском, отсюда можно взять фото
IBS students presented solutions to urgent problems of the museum community in
As part of the cooperation agreement between IBS RANEPA and ROSIZO*, our students
joined in solving urgent problems of the museum community in Russia. This time the
task was to analyze and find solutions to the problem of decreasing interest for museums
among younger audiences. On May 26, in New Jerusalem, as part of the strategic session
“A Unified Model for Museum Promotion”, organized by ROSIZO together with the
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, our students spoke to representatives of
more than 50 regional museums from all over Russia. The students did not just present
their vision, they conducted professional research, selected cases, proposed their own
methodology, analyzed the current situation and made many recommendations for
historical museums, museums of architecture and art, and religious museums.

* ROSIZO is a multidisciplinary organization that develops and implements exhibition
projects in partnership with the world's leading museums and cultural institutions. One of
the main tasks of ROSIZO is to popularize the artistic heritage of Russia and modern
Russian art.
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